Uniforms for 2020-2021


Ibiley Basic Flyer.pdf

2020 - 2021

Dress Code & Uniforms


Students should arrive each day wearing the Carrollton Classical Academy approved polo shirts in the following colors: white, navy blue, or light blue. No variations of colors will be accepted. You must purchase the required uniform shirts from the approved uniform vendor for CCA, IBILEY Uniform.


Boys- Pants include slacks or shorts (at the knee) in khaki or navy.

Girls- Pants include slacks or shorts (at the knee) in khaki, navy or CCA approved plaid. Shorts, skorts, skirts and jumpers must be uniform style in colors khaki, navy or CCA approved plaid. Hem of skirts may be no higher than 3 inches above the knee. Privacy shorts or briefs must be worn under the skirts. Tights may be worn as long as they are white, navy, or gray (solid colors only). Undershirts may be worn under the polo shirts as long as they are in the school colors.

All boys and girls bottoms may be purchased at any retail store; the Ibiley website shows the approved plaid and can be used as a reference.

PE for Middle School:

All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students will wear specific athletic clothing that can be purchased from our online vendor, Ibiley, and shipped to your house within 48 hours.


Tennis shoes must be worn each day.


Hair is to be clean and well-groomed; students may only wear simple barrettes and headbands (no embellished adornments such as pompoms or animal ears). Unusual coloring (e.g., red, blue, purple, etc.) , excessive hairstyles are not allowed.

Spirit Day Fridays:

Every Friday our students may participate in spirit day. Students may wear any Carrollton Classical Academy spirit shirt with jeans. Please purchase all spirit wear from the IBILEY. Jeans must be without holes, slits, or stains. If a student is not participating in spirit day they must be in regular school uniform

Additional Clothing:

We encourage our students to purchase the CCA approved outerwear from IBILEY Uniform Company. However, sweatshirts will be allowed to be worn in the classroom as long as they are solid in color (white, navy blue or grey). Sweatshirts need to be free of logos and decals larger than a standard 3 X 3 post-it note.

Jackets and coats can be worn to and from school and during outside play. When in the school building, jackets and coats will be kept in the student’s locker or cubby. A sweatshirt or cardigan style sweater in solid colors of white, navy blue or grey may be worn throughout the day.

All kindergarten ,1st , and 2nd grade students should bring a change of clothing to keep in their classroom. Please include underwear and socks.

Failure to comply with proper dress code will result in a discipline referral.