Lauri Matthews

My name is Dr. Lauri Matthews and I began teaching at CCA in 2008 and am delighted to be teaching science and informational technology this year! Science is my passion and my academic background. I firmly believe that the ability to think critically like a scientist is a skill that will serve students well for a lifetime. There is “Dr.” in front of my name instead of “Mrs.” because I earned my Ph.D. (or doctorate) in Psychology (or the study of people) from the University of North Texas. During my 16 years of working in psychology, I did research, helped bosses become better leaders and helped employees work well together. After volunteering with young people during that time, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to become a teacher.

I have an awesome family! We are all musicians at my house. I play bass guitar and clarinet and when Mr. Matthews isn’t busy working as an architect and artist, he is playing guitar and drums. We have a daughter who loves history and reading and plays drums at her school. I live with 2 drummers, so it gets loud at our house!