K12 Payment Center

After School Care Tuition and Cereal Kit Payments

This year CCA will be using the K12 Payment Center for all After School Care tuition payments and for the payment of cereal kits. There is a one time set up process to establish your student's account and it only takes a few minutes. This account will follow your student for as long as they attend RES and is easy to use!

Cereal Kit Payments

If your student is served a cereal kit for breakfast (or when they have forgotten their lunch) during the year, payments will need to be made through the K12 Payment Center. Please follow the directions below to set up your account.

After School Care Tuition Payments

If you have a student that will be attending the CCA After School Care Program, follow the directions below to set up their account. Tuition payments will be "assigned" to your student's account on a monthly basis once the account is set up.

To Register:

  • You will need your Student ID Number. Please contact Laurie Remington in the school office at 972-245-2900 for this information. If your student is new to RES, their student ID number will not be accessible until after school begins.
  • Click on the link below, then
    • Click Sign Up
    • Select Texas College Prep Academy from the drop down list of school districts
    • Complete the form
    • The system usually takes 24-48 hours to verify your student's information. Once the account has been verified you will be able to make payments and see credits that have been made to their account.

Click here: K12 Payment Center