Cafeteria Information

Beginning Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Breakfast $2.50 (Reduced Price $0.30)

Lunch $4.00 (Reduced Price $0.40)

A LA CARTE PRICES for 6th-9th

(Reduced Pricing Not Applicable)

Additional Entree $2.00

Additional Side $0.50

Bag of Chips $1.00

Slice of Pizza $2.75

Hot Sandwiches $2.75

Sub Sandwiches $3.00

Salads $3.00

Milk $0.50

A GREAT resource for parents that is offered through our meal service is called Nutrislice. It is a website that has every menu item listed with the nutrition information on that item and the core ingredients listed that might cause allergies. If you are a parent with a student that has allergies, this website has a wealth of information. Click on the link below to check it out!

March Breakfast Menu

March Breakfast 2020.pdf

March Lunch Menu

March Lunch 2020.pdf